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Water Sport Bank has been a popular brand when it comes to boat rental in Amsterdam. The mere mention of the company name will resound good praises of customer service and quality work among locals and tourists worldwide. You will see the care of their employees to the customers as they provide more than just the basic services that any company can offer. The experience will really be seen in their personnel as they serve clients. Their goal is to give the best satisfaction to anyone who rents a boat in Amsterdam.

Dinner Cruise in Amsterdam

If you want more of a luxurious experience in Amsterdam, you should try getting in one of our dinner cruises. We serve full course meals based on your preference. Make your vacation truly meaningful especially if you have a special someone to enjoy it with. Set a date on a dinner cruise in Amsterdam. Receive good food and great company as you are served by the best customer service personnel available.

Themed Cruises

For those who want to get a more memorable time in Amsterdam, you should schedule a ride on our themed cruises. We try to give something new to our clients every month. It depends on the season and the trends that people are doing or experiencing. Always browse our pages because we show our themed cruises one month before opening slots for them.

Cheap Amsterdam Hotels

Are you staying long in Amsterdam? Do you want to save money on hotels? How about booking with us? We make sure that you get the best value for your money by making reservations through our services. We offer packages on dinner cruises, canal tours, and boat rentals along with an overnight stay in a three to a five-star hotel. See what the Netherlands has to offer and have a good night sleep in one of our partner hotels.